The wet cleaning story

We live in a world with extensive advancements in textiles, food additives and chemistry. Additionally we are all experiencing greater environmental concerns and pressures on business profits. All of these factors and more have tended to “beat up” on the dry cleaning process. So much so, that there is a huge global focus towards advanced wet cleaning.

Advanced Wet Cleaning (AWC)

What exactly is AWC? It employs state of the art equipment and detergents that creates a safe emulsion environment allowing “dry clean only” fabrics to be wet cleaned.

Typically a garment is processed as follows:

  • Pre-spotting
  • Low level, low temperature, low agitation wet cleaning.
  • Intermittent centrifuge
  • Humidity controlled drying
  • Technical forming processes

The advantages are:

  • Less expensive machinery
  • No solvent exposure
  • Better stain removal
  • Fast cycle times
  • Pleasant finished odour
  • Low environmental concerns
  • Even silks, wools and leathers can be processed.

PK Systems will be happy to share its knowledge of Advanced Wet Cleaning to those wishing to know more.

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